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more nor less tha

n rum.The ●advertisements are all in the papers;● the programme is arranged on the assumption ●that he is to play; and now, late as▓ it is, I

shall have to start out in●

search of a s

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ubstitute.’ ‘H▓old on a minute, doctor,’ said I. 癞What instrument did your soloist intend t●o play’ ‘The violin,’ says the ▓doctor.‘Hurrah!’ I rejoined,

n patience.” “W
‘then you nee

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●d seek no furt

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her!’ ‘What

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do you mean?/p>

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垺?asked he.‘Thi

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s,’ said I, ‘t▓hat I will supply a substitute w●ho can take the wind all out of ●your delinquent’s sails.’ The ▓doctor raised his ey

he amount of it.—Yo

人狗lauren philips

ebrows.▓‘Nonsense,’ he said.‘It isn’t n▓onsense,’ I replied, and th▓ereupon I told him a

人狗lauren philips

bout you—●that is about your wonderful skill as a fiddler▓.Well, of course the doctor was dis

人狗lauren philips

inclin▓ed to believe in you; said that exc●ellence was not enough; the public would▓ tolerate

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mere excellence in a sing●er or in a pianist, but when it came to violin● solos

, the public demanded somethin▓g superlative or nothing at ●all; it wasn’t possible that you could ▓be up to the mark, because he had never heard▓ of you.Of course, if I said ▓so, he had no doubt that you were a goo●d musician, but he had twenty good music▓ians in his orchestra.A good musici●an wasn’t enough.—But I didn’t mean ▓to be turned aside by this sort of obsta●cle.I insisted.I said I had heard Joachim and● all the best players on the othe▓r side, and that you were able to give them▓ lessons.The doctor pooh-poohe●d me.‘Don’t,’ he said, ‘don’t damage your ●friend’s chances by exaggera▓tion.I should be only too much pleased if he ●should turn out to be a competent ●man; but yo

"u see, D is available for the ridiculously low, one-time cost of r.R●o That's right, I'm practically giving it away!鈥?


u add to my incredulity wh●en you measure him with a giant ●like Joachim.At any rate, I ▓am willing to give him a trial.Bring him he●re to-morrow morning.’ So to-morrow morning, br▓ight and early, we will call upon the ▓doc

dolph is a

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人狗lauren philips

tor, and—and your fortune’s made!” ?/p>

馡t required no little strength of mind to answ●er Merivale as I now had to. “You’re awful▓ly kind, old boy,” I said.“It’s e

friend of follow me follow me follow me
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人狗lauren philips

xtr▓emely hard to be obliged to sa●y no.

But really, you don’t underst▓and the level of violin playing wh▓ich a soloist must come up to.And y●ou don’t understand either w

mine, and follow me follow me follow me
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Gretchen J. Mcdonald

hat a mediocre ex●ecutant I am.My techniq

ue is su▓ch that I could barely pass muster among the ▓second violinists in Doctor Rodolph’s orche▓stra.It would be the height of

t●his ev follow me follow me follow me


effront▓ery for me to present myself before him as a▓ would-be soloist.” “T

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hat is a matter for ▓the doctor, and not for you, to decide▓.No

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man can correctly estimat●e his own powers: you not more than the

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re●st.All I say is, come with me to call upo●n him to-morrow mo

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rning and leave● the consequences to his judgment.” “You w▓

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ould not submit me to the humiliat●ion of such a trial.After the

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extravagances yo●u have uttered concerning me, to show myself● i

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n my own humble colors—th▓e drop would be too great.But I may as

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well● be entirely candid.There are othe▓r reasons, final ones.I

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may as well say ●right o

ut that it will never be possib?/p>

坙e for me to play my violin anywhere excep●t here, between you and me: you● know why.” The light faded from M●erivale’s eyes. “Oh, don’t say that●,” he pleaded.“After the t●rouble I’ve taken, and after the prom●ise I’ve made, and after the pleasure● I’ve had in picturing your delight▓, don’t say you won’t even go to see the Doct▓or a

ne, a veritabl


nd give him a specimen.D●on’t disappoint a fellow like th●at.” I stuck out

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obdurately.Merivale shi▓fted from the attitude of one who begs ●a favor to that of one who imp

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oses a duty. “●Come,” he cried, “it is simply the ol●d egotism reasserting itself.You w?/p>

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坥n’t play, forsooth, because it doesn●’t suit your humor.That, I say, is egotism▓ of the wo

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rst sort.You—positive▓ly, you make me ashamed for you.It i●s the part of a man to perform hi?/p>

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駍 task manfully.What right ha▓ve you, I’d like to know, what right have yo▓u to hide your li

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ght under a bu▓shel, more than another Simply because the pra●ctice of your art entails pain u


pon you, are● you justified in resting idle▓ Why, all great work entails pain●

upon the worker.Raphael neve

r would have▓ painted

his pictures, Dante never wou●ld have written his Infern

o, women w▓ould never

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bring children into the world, if ●the dread of pain were sufficient to▓ subdue courage and the sense of obligation.It ●is the pain which makes the ▓endeavor heroic.I have all due resp●ect for your feelings, Lexow; but ●I respect them only in so far as I believe t▓hat you are able to master them.When I s▓ee them get the upper hand and▓ sap your manhood, then I couns▓el you to a serious battle wit

e inspirat

h them.● The excuse you off

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rrow morning ●you will go with me to Doctor Rodolp▓h’s: and if after this homily you ●persist in your refusal—well, you’ll know ●

my opinion of you.” Meri

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No use for you to talk.I’m de▓af.I’m implacable also; and to-morrow mor▓ning I shall lead you to the slau▓ghter.Prepare to trot alo

ng becomingl▓y at my side,

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esire to forfe●it my respect entirely,” he warned me, “persi●st in this sort of thing.” I permitted myse▓lf to be dragged by th

e arm through the streets ●

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osition quite● unfamiliar to me, he bade me read it at sig●ht.I made up my mind to do my best.Th▓e doctor sat in an easy chair du●ri


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ng the first dozen bars.Then he began to mo●ve nervously about the loom.Then, befo▓re I had half finished, he crie

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d out, “Stop—en▓ough, enough.” Disconcerted, I br▓ought my bow to a standstill and exchange▓d a forlorn gla

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nce with Meriva●le. The doctor approached and looked me qu●izzically over from head to foot.“▓Where did you s

ughte●r, went


tudy” he inquire●d. “In New York,” I answered. “Hav●e you ever played

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in public” “Not at▓ any large affairs.” “Do you teach” ▓ “I used to.” “What—what di▓d you say your name was” ● “Lexow.” “Hum, it is odd I haven’t he▓ard of you.Have you been in New York long▓” “All my life.” “Oh●, yes; you said you

01 One Fourth

studied here.Who were▓ your masters” I named them. The ▓doctor’s face had been inscru●table.Merivale and I had sat on pins during the● inquisition.Now the doctor’s face lighte▓d up with a genial smile. “You will do, ▓Mr.Lexow,” he said.“I don

02 One Fourth

’t k▓now whom to thank the more, you or▓ Mr.Merivale.You have relie●ved me in a very trying emergency.Your pla▓ying is fine, though perhaps a trif▓le too independent, a trifle too indivi●dual, and the least tone too florid.It i▓s odd, most odd that I shoul

03 One Fourth

d never have hea▓rd of you; but we shall all hear● of you in the future.” We agreed upon ▓the selections for the evening.I ran them thr●ough in the doctor’s presence and listened● to his suggestions.Then we bad▓e him good-by. That day was a trying o?/p>

04 One Fourth

坣e.It would be bootless to catalogue the ●conflicting thoughts and emotions that preyed▓ upon me.I practiced my pieces thor●oughly.Merivale busied himself procurin▓g what he styled a “rig.” The rig▓ consisted of an evening suit and i●ts accessories.He ren

01 One Half

ted one at a● costumer’s on union square.As the day● drew to a close, I worried more and more.“Br▓ace up,” cried Merivale.“Where’s y▓our stamina And here, swallow a glass of br●andy.” We waited in the a▓nte-room till it was my turn to go upon● the

02 One Half

platform. I was conscious▓ of a glow of light and a sea of▓ faces and a mortal stage-frigh●t, and of little else, when finally I had t▓aken my position.The orchestra played ●the preliminary bars.I had to begin.I got thr▓ough the first phrase and the secon

01 One Third

d.The vo●ice of my instrument reassured m▓e.“After all you will not make a de▓ad failure,” I thought, and ventured● to lift my eyes.Not two yard▓s distant from me, to my right, amo▓ng the first violins, sat Mr.Tikulski.His gaz▓e was riveted upon my face.

02 One Third

I had anticipated▓ about every catastrophe that could possib▓ly befall, but strangely enoug▓h I had not anticipated this.And it was● so sudden, and the emotions it occ▓asioned were so powerful, and I w▓as so nervous and unstrung—we●ll, the floor gave a

03 One Third

lurch, ●like the deck of a vessel in a storm; the lights● dashed backward and forward before my s●ight; a deathly sickness overspread● my senses; the accompaniment of the orchest▓ra became harsh and incoherent; my violin droppe▓d with a crash upon the boards

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; and th▓e next thing I was aware of, ●I lay at full length on a sofa in the retirin●g-room, and Merivale was holding a smelling-bo▓ttle to my nostrils.I could● hear the orchestra beyond the partition in●dustriously winding off the Tannh▓auser march. “How do you feel

  • to answer it; and prese
  • ntly● back she
  • came bearing a note for
  • h●er father.The docto
  • r took it and a●sked permissi
  • on to read it and b●roke it open.
  • You know what a nervous● litt
  • le man he is.Well, the n▓ext mome
  • nt he began to grow red,
  • and his nostril
  • ▓s dilated, and his eye
  • s flashed fire●, and
  • then he crumpled up the paper and ▓stamped hi
  • s foot and uttered a tre●mendous imprec
  • ation.” “Oh, pray, don〃埊t stop,” I sai

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” as▓ked Merivale, as I opened my▓ eyes. “I feel as though I should▓ like to annihilate myself,” I answered, a▓s memory cleared up.“I have permanent▓ly disgraced us both.” “But what was● the trouble You were doing nobly, splendi●dly, when all of a sudden you


collap●sed like that,” clapping his hand

s▓.“The doctor is furious, says ▓it was all my fault.” “No, it wa●sn’t your fault,” I hastened to put in.▓ “I should h

  • d, as he paused for breath.“?/li>
  • 圷our narrative becomes thrilling.
  • ” “Well,▓ sir,” resumed Mer
  • ivale, “I g●ot quite alarmed


ave pulled through after a fashion●, only

unluckily I caught sight of Tikulski—h▓er uncle, you know—in the orchestra; and, we▓ll, I—I suppose—well, you see it wa▓

  • d up to the doc●tor’s side a
  • nd ‘For mercy’s ●sake, what’s
  • the matter—no bad ne●ws, I hope,
  • ’ said I.‘Bad news’▓ says


s so unexpected that it rather undid me.”

▓“Oh, yes; I understand,” said he. We ▓kept silence all the way home in the carriage. ▓ Next morning, as I entered

  • should think it w●as bad news
  • ,’ giving his mane a toss▓.‘To-
  • day is Friday, isn’t it To-day we
  • ●had our public rehearsal.To


● the sitting-room, Merivale tried to hide

a news▓paper under his coat. “O▓h, don’t bother to do that,” I said.〃埌Of course it is all in print” ▓ Possessing m

  • ●night we have our concert.Go
  • od.Well, no●w at the eleventh hou
  • r what happens W●hy, the soloist
  • sends word that “●a sudden i


yself of the newspaper, I had▓ the satisfaction of reading a s●ensational account of my fiasco.But wh▓at I had most dreaded from the qu●arter of the newspapers had not come to pa▓ss.None of them identified me as the Er●nest Neuman who, rather more th▓an two years since,


had been trie▓d for murder. chapter 10 MY encounte●r with Tikulski was bound to h●ave consequences, practical ●as well as moral.All day Sunday ●a legion of blue devils were my comrades.● Late Monday afternoon I received by the ●post a letter and a package, each addre

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ssed● to “E.Lexow, in care of D.Me●rivale, Esq.” The penmanship was the same on bo▓th—a stiff European hand which▓ I coul


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d not recognize.I bega▓n with the letter.It read t●hus:— “Mr.E.Lexow, “Dear Sir▓: “I should have forwarded this


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●to you before, but not apprised o●f the alteration of your name, I was unab●le to discover your address.I dispatch this▓ to


the address indicated by Dr.●Rodolph, who informs me that you are to● be reache

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d through D.Merivale, Esquire, as ●he is not advised of your private residence.I f▓ound it in a pawnbroking estab▓lishment (No.—————-street, kept by one● M.Arkush) now more than a year, and purch●ased it with the intention of res▓toring it to you, because I suppose that it ▓mus

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t be of some value to you as a family meme●

nto, and that you would not have dispo

sed o●f it except needi

ng money.Hopin

g that thi●s

letter may find

you in the e


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njoy●ment of good health, I am “Respectfully your●

s, “B.Tikulski.” What could Tik▓ulski’s letter mean What co●uld “it?/p>

?be I puzzled over these quest▓ions for a long while b

efore it occurred● to me to unseal the package. There was● an outer wrapper

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